Starting January 1, 2006, St. Andrews Products will require an Enrollment Form to be on file with St. Andrews Products for all Golf Retirement Plus TM Members wishing to receive incentive payments.

For your protection, enrolling with St. Andrews Products will be a three step process:

  1. Filling out the enrollment form. (All information gathered from the enrollment form will be used within an offline process to verify your membership with the PGA and Retirement Plus)

  2. Verification of submitted information. (Valid submissions will be used to assign your membership to our customer file)

  3. Assignment to our customer. (Once assigned to our customer file, orders can be flagged to process incentive payment information for your Golf Retirement Plus TM account)

Also for your protection, updates regarding the processing of your enrollment form will be sent to the e-mail account you have on file with the PGA.  After your enrollment form is processed and accepted by St Andrews Products, any further updates regarding your enrollment with St. Andrews Products can be sent to an alternate e-mail address you specify on the enrollment form.

 These updates include: